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Notes is an application created to make quick records.
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Notes is an application designed to make quick records. It's interface is very simple and highly intuitive. When you launch the application you can create a new note immediately. More importantly, all you write is saved automatically, so you do not have to veer off from your thoughts in any way.

The application looks differently in windowed and full-screen modes. I like the full-screen variant more as it resembles a daily planner in style. Both modes offer quick access to sharing your notes over iCloud or Gmail, as well as to deleting them. The two quick buttons are placed at the bottom of the editor.

The design is worth mentioning too. The field for notes resembles pages from a real-life notebook with some pages torn out (a nice detail to my mind). It occupies most of the space, being the main workplace in the program. All notes are saved to the list on the right. Each entry on this list contains the beginning of the corresponding note. This makes it easy to distinguish the subject of each entry and quickly find the one you need. You can use this feature to give titles to your notes without spending too much effort and time for this trivial task. Even though the default text font resembles a handwriting, it is easily readable and very pleasant to the eye, so there is basically no need to change it (yet, you can do it any moment).

Other features of Notes include: grammar and spelling checking, importing of images, text style and color changing, page properties adjustment, page printing. Each document has its timestamp saved, so you always know when it was created and can sort the list according to this data. Access to all modifications is gained through the menu bar.

To sum it all up, Notes is a useful application which allows you to modify your text and attach a picture to it. It can be helpful when you need to make quick notes with no specific attention to visual style details.

Nova Vozrak
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  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Automatic saving of notes
  • You can print your notes
  • Possibility to customize the fonts and page properties


  • Some time is still required to get used to working with menu bar for additional features and customization options
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