NoSleep 1.0

It prevents your Mac from going to sleep or wakes it up at a specific moment.
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NoSleep is a helpful piece of software if you want to prevent your Mac from going to sleep or if you want to wake it at a specified time and then keep it awake. The utility addresses everybody who might need their Macs for static activities which might cause their Macs to go to sleep in the middle of such activity.

This application periodically updates the system activity until it is closed or until the battery charge level is below a specified threshold (which helps prevent the Mac from running out of energy when unplugged). In addition, you can set the time when you want your Mac to go to sleep and, at the same time, the time you want it to wake or quit. In order to do so, NoSleep must be run as root, and you can do it in Preferences. One way is to use Chalaut, a "run as root" app launcher which is available with the application. In fact, all these various aspects can be easily controlled from the Preferences window in every detail. You don’t even have to set the date or time when the application should quit: you can set the application to quit itself in a specific number of hours. It is also possible to use fractions of hours to do the setting.

In terms of requirements, the utility runs on Mac OS X 10.4.4 and above.

Robert Vince
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  • The application is reliable and very easy to use


  • The energy consumed by the application is rather high
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