Noatikl 2 - Generative Music Lab 2.2

A music editing, authoring and management suite.
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Work with audio samples and create unique musical compositions. Generate new tracks from selected samples, edit them and combine separate clips into single files. Control the pitch, tempo and rhythm with equalizers and add reverb, chorus, and other effects.

Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone is the popular creative tool for authoring totally custom generative music and generating new musical ideas. “One of the best interactive composition tools on the market”, Computer Music Mag #183.
It uses generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques developed over the last 20 years and is the evolution of the Koan Generative Music system used in the 90s by Eno et al.
Noatikl can generate and send MIDI notes and controller information to control settings of favourite external synths, FX units and samplers. Should you want to keep your generative pieces totally portable, it also includes the advanced and integrated Partikl MIDI, Sound & FX multisynth for sound generation.
More about Noatikl 2 from Computer Music Mag:
• "Noatikl is the coup de grace in the fight against creative block"
• "It would take us page upon page to convey the wealth of goodies in Noatikl 2"
• "Capable of truly inspiring progressions"
• "Improvements over the previous version are significant"
• "Offers serious built-in tone generation"
Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone 5 Star User Reviews:
• “Outstanding App and a must for anybody interested in generative music”
• "Really great tool for general compositional experimentation"
• "Really deep features"
• “Incredibly diverse compositions can be created”
Noatikl 2 can be used to:
- Break composer's block
- Create ambient sound tracks
- Generate new MIDI musical ideas
- Experiment with generative music systems
- Experiment with synthesizer sounds and effects using Partikl
- Create custom generative music and export for tweeting/sharing/emailing
- Create custom generative music for use in Mixtikl, Noatikl’s brother
- Generatively change external synth, FX and sampler settings
- Augment an existing musical work
- Noodle with music sculptures
- Build your own hyperinstrument
- Get creative with scripting
- Simply have fun creating music!
Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone key features:
• Noatikl generative music engine with editors for customising rules & parameters
• MIDI output to drive external synths (e.g. in DAW such as Apple's Logic, which can control Noatikl through MIDI Sync)
• MIDI input to allow driving of Noatikl listening voices
• Network Editor view for Noatikl voice networks and Partikl Synth/FX networks
• Integral Partikl MIDI DLS wavetable / modular synth for Noatikl sounds / FX:
- Tone Generators (Oscillator, Particle, Dsynth, Wavetable)
- FX units (Chorus, Reverb, Filter, Distortion, ODrive, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Amp)
- FX control units (LFO, Envelope, Amp);
• Tiklpaks including over 380 customisable "parts" & 50 FX presets
• Supports built-in custom sample wavetable (DLS1, Ogg, WAV based)
• Editors to create / customise Partikl synth sounds & FX (synth, cell, track, global) networks
• Editors to for custom virtual sample wavetable and to assign DLS patches
• Export / import “partikls”, “noatikls” & "mixtikls" - for tweeting, email etc.
Note 1: Refer to relevant EULAs / restrictions for any Tiklpak or 3rd party content used
Note 2: Audio Plugins not included
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Who is Intermorphic?
• Devs of SSEYO Koan (1990-2007), miniMIXA (2004-2007), Noatikl & Liptikl (2007-).
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