Nimble Commander versions

Manage files and folders with a tabbed dual-pane layout.
9 Feb 2017
Editorial review
14 Jun 2016

What's new

- List view now has the Extension and the Date Accessed columns.
- Items can now be sorted by Date Last Opened a.k.a. "atime".
- [Pro features] Built-in Viewer now does scrolling along a predominant axis only.
- [Pro features] Built-in Viewer can now update its content by Cmd+R or automatically on native filesystems.
- Brief System information now shows additional info in the CPU and the RAM boxes.
- Quick Search no longer handles the Space key by default.
- The Backspace key can now be assigned to any file panel shortcut.
- [Pro features] Batch Rename now supports the [P] and the [G] placeholders for parent and grandparent directory names.
- [Pro features] Batch Rename now supports text processing for the [A] placeholder.
- Now the toolbar tries to resolve full paths for short names of command-line tools to show their icons.
- Added an option to choose which file operations should be enqueued and which should always start immediately.
- A generic error dialog shown by file operations can now implicitly mark the "Apply to All" checkbox if Shift is pressed.
- Locked items can now be unlocked by file operations.
- [Pro features] Stability of the WebDAV VFS was improved.
- [Pro features] Dropbox VFS now uses short-lived access tokens.
- Fixed a crash when an External Tool asks for a parameter value.
- Fixed a crash when in-place renaming was used in combination with Quick Search.
- Fixed an issue that Quick Search prompt was not updated when a panel was reloaded.
- Fixed an issue that in-place renaming could remove focus from a current panel.
- Fixed an issue with saving the configuration when the Users folder was placed on a non-root volume.
- Fixed an issue of silent failing to drag an item into an NC window when lacking permissions.
- Fixed a visual glitch with vertical separators when Classic theme was used.
- Fixed a visual glitch of blurred panels after switching between Retina and Non-Retina displays.
- [Pro features] Fixed a freeze in the Batch Rename dialog when renaming a large number of items.
- Many other improvements and optimizations.

v1.2 [9 Feb 2017]
- Now contains a universal binary for ARM64 and x86-64.
- Updated for macOS Big Sur.
- Panel items are now automatically deselected after a file operation.
- Added a new action “Follow Symlink”: Cmd+Right.
- Fixed defaults paths to system applications.
- Fixed support for large directories in Dropbox VFS.
- Now a Deletion operation can be stopped during a scanning phase.
- Now file time representations are updated when a system date changes.
- Preview request now automatically expands a collapsed panel.
- SFTP VFS now supports ED25519 keys.
- FTP VFS now supports Active Mode.
- Numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

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