NightLights Desktop

NightLights Desktop 2.2

NightLights Desktop decorate your Mac with blinking lights!
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NightLights Desktop decorate your Mac with blinking lights! It doesn't matter which occasion you're celebrating, there's a color combination for every need. NightLights comes with both "Mini", "C7" type, and novelty shaped light bulbs. You can mix and match, choose from various blink modes, and more! Features Choose the number of bulbs. Scale the lights larger, or smaller. Frame the lights around your screen, or scatter them randomly. Choose from a selection of blink effects: Off, On, Random, Sequential, and Flicker. You can also control the blink speed! Set the Ambient Light, Brightness, and Opacity of the bulbs. Lots of Background options: Change Background Colors. Load a photo. Weather effects. Dripping Blood. (Fun for Halloween!) Fire. Text Message. Audio Playback. And More!
NightLights can also be used as a Screensaver, or set to run on your Desktop!

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