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Newzbin is a program that will act as a file search engine for Usenet.
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Newzbin is the Google of Usenet.
Newzbin has simplified the once arcane process of getting files from Usenet and made finding them much easier. We are the number one website for indexing and categorizing Usenet with a huge community of users.

Why use Usenet?

Imagine you distribute PDFs of political pamphlets. Usenet is a superior method for sending and receiving them than Bit-torrent or file-lockers. Your ISP and the government can't do deep packet inspection on your Internet connection to see what you are doing: Usenet providers use SSL encryption but you'd need to pay for a VPN service to be protected if you use torrents or File-lockers.

Other users in your swarm, such as the Chinese government, can snoop on your use of torrent to distribute 'Free Tibet' PDFs: no-one can do that on Usenet; also Usenet providers keep no logs of your use.

If you are downloading PDFs using a torrent your speed may be very slow, depending on the the number of peers that make the PDF available. But with Usenet your broadband connection will be maxed out - even if you are the only person in the world downloading: a Usenet provider will typically have many Petabytes of files; as much or more than are available via Bit-torrent, and in more subject areas.

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