Newton-II 3.0

Calculates mechanical motion parameters.

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Read and analyze data for mechanical movements of machines and objects. Automatically solve corresponding mechanical equations. The application supports a database of all typical and rare combinations optionally parameterized for interactive investigations of the motions.

Newton-II is a program for solving mechanical equations of motions numerically. The equations can be parameterized for interactive investigations of the motions. The according solutions are displayed immediately in a diagram.
The differential equations (DEQs) are programmed to calculate the time dependence of the velocitiy v(t) of a point of mass from the given acceleration a. Then the location s(t) is calculated from v(t).
The acceleration a can be entered directly or with any desired mathematical term (i.e. a = F/m from Newton's law). For solving the DEQs several solution methods up to a very sturdy adaptive Runge-Kutta-Method of 4th order can be used. The output of the results are given graphically in a diagram and as a table for further usage.
Special qualities of Newton-II
- Realtime calculation while modifying a parameter(perfect to investigate the connections between the parameter and the movement).
- Compare the calculations with experimental data or predictive functions.
- Ability to solve complex problems using conditioned variables or table functions.
- Extensive printing and export capabilities.
- Self evident program design and very intuitive program handling(i.e. great mouse support in the diagram, input assistances... ). ? minimal lerning curve
- Direct accessible examples with explanations.
- Eminently suitable for lectures, talks and private studies

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