NewTek LightWave

NewTek LightWave 10.0

3D animation, modeling, rendering.
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These days, with the creative process, artists need to move at maximum speed in order to tackle incredible deadlines, demanding work and high expectations. Using LightWave, either exclusively or in a pipeline, makes it possible for an individual, a small team or a major facility to see their dreams and ideas come to life, with award-winning quality work, on time and on budget. LightWave artists all over the world say they can count on it for speed, flexibility, value and control.
LightWave is a complete 3D solution to model, render and animate. Used extensively in broadcast television production, film visual effects, video game development, print graphics and visualization, LightWave is responsible for more artists winning Emmy® Awards than any other 3D application.
What's new in this version:
All new LightWave, incorporating next generation CORE technologies with enhanced Modeler and Layout, includes interactive display and rendering tools, data interchange enhancements, new immersive real-time and game tools, Bullet rigid body dynamics, and new UV mapping tools.

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