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newReader is a commercial news reader for Mac OS X.
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newReader is a commercial news reader for Mac OS X. The app lets you add your news feeds and read news on your Mac with a desktop app. This means you don't have to open a web browser to do it. You can also add multiple feeds to the application and all the news will be delivered to one place.

With newReader, you can add RSS feeds, Blogspot feeds, Livejournal feeds and MSN Space feeds. Most blogs have RSS feeds these days. To add a feed, all you have to do is paste the RSS URL to the "New feed" window. The app will take care of the rest.

After an RSS feed has been added, you will see a list of articles on the main window. You can click on them to expand them to a summary of the article. Below the summary there are a few buttons. With those you can star an article, open an article using a built-in browser, open it on Safari, share it on Facebook or Twitter or add it to your Evernote account. You can't use the arrow keys to browse all your articles. If you hit the down arrow key, it will only display and hide the summary.

In short, this is a working news reader. However, I find Google Reader to work much better. Especially if you have tons of articles in your feeds. There are other desktop readers that work better as well.

JF Senior editor
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