Neon NetMinder Ethernet 5.1

Decode captured data.
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Transform your computer into a powerful Ethernet network analyzer. NetMinder Ethernet captures and decodes data as it moves through the network, quickly pinpointing and alerting you to security issues and network problems that could otherwise take hours or even days to resolve. Use NetMinder Ethernet to find security issues, network conflicts, and traffic bottlenecks which can only be discovered using a low-level protocol analysis tool. Features include packet filtering, post-filtering, error detection, triggering, traffic-level alarms and security alerts. NetMinder Ethernet decodes a wide range of protocol types including TCP/IP, NetBIOS, Spanning Tree, NetWare, DECnet, XNS, AppleTalk, and VINES. High performance data capture and comprehensive analysis capabilities make NetMinder Ethernet the program of choice for network managers, engineers, designers, and LAN product developers who need to analyze Ethernet networks. Since NetMinder Ethernet is software-only, it is available at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based network analyzers. This version is the first release on CNET



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