Neko Type-R Double Remix 1.2

Free Neko Type-R Double Remix is a racing game with racing cats via typing in words.
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Neko Type-R was a game that I almost didn't write. iDevGames was running the contest "Accelerated" where the goal of which was to create a racing-themed game in 21 days. I'm not a big fan of racing games so I figured I'd sit this contest out. Then someone in the forums made a random comment about racing sumo-wrestlers one step at a time by tying in words. I was toying with the idea of making a version of Neko for OS X when I saw the comment and was gripped by the idea of racing cats via typing in words. The contest had already been going on for a week, though, so when I started work on this game, I only had 14 days to go from concept to completion. Looking back on it, it's not half bad for two weeks worth of programming. I even got 3rd place (out of 6 entries) netting me a copy of the Pangea Super Pack as a prize.

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