Name that iTune!

Name that iTune! 2.2

An exciting game where your goal is to guess all playing tunes
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Name that iTune! is an exciting game where your goal is to guess all playing tunes as fast as you can and defeat your opponents with your musical knowledge.
You will have access to a simple and interactive interface that can easily be managed by any user. This game can be played as a single player or against an opponent; you will be able to set hot keys for each player in the main menu, select the proper question types, game length and the amount of given time for each question.
The program will use track information from your iTunes libraries and test your knowledge with as many questions as you want in a race for time against your opponent.

Depending on the options you opted for while configuring the game, you will need to guess the name of an artist, song, album, etc. as fast as you can; if you choose the incorrect answer, you can set the program to penalize your score.

You can always check which player gained the highest score on 10/25/100 question games and motivate yourself to overtake it.

All in all, Name that iTune! is a fun and interactive game that will help you entertain your guests for hours.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple and interactive interface
  • Communicates well with iTunes libraries
  • Play games with 10,25 or 100 questions
  • Single Player and Multiplayer supported


  • None
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