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myTexts snow.No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity.
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myTexts snow.No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity. Enter myTexts, software specifically designed with you, the writer, in mind. Unlike most word processors, myTexts stands apart from the rest with its simple to use user-friendly interface. Without the burdens of superfluous features common in other softwares, myTexts helps you get more meaning out of your words with less distraction. With myTexts, you don’t need to worry about the glitz and glamour of eye-candy filling your screen, meaning less crashes, less distractions, and less troubles; myTexts’ integrated automated environment helps you focus almost automatically on writing. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about pesky pests like windows, buttons or formats. No mess, no fuss. myTexts truly turns your Mac into a supercharged typewriter.
- gorgeous fullscreen view
- database for all entries
- smart folders for grouping
- export/print single/arranged/all
- export/print with date/title/notes
- entries are stored as single files too
- customize colors | font | size | margins | etc.
- auto-save
- auto-backup
- iDisk | Dropbox sync
- tag your texts
- OpenMeta | Spotlight support
- iTunes-like search
- all your texts at your fingertips
- apply notes to each text | entry
- word count
- supports .txt | .rtf | .doc | .docx | .xml | .html
dual display support
- lots of more nifty features

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