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Clippings, Snippets, Files and Code at your fingertips.
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mySnippets is Clippings, Snippets, Files and Code at your fingertips.
No matter whether you're creating a new, totally awesome website or putting the finishing touches to your exam or compiling a terrific article that combines all sorts of findings/sources and interviews.
What steals most of your time while doing so and that is no fun at all is the eternal search for recently used passages from texts, code snippets, most recently used documents, whole text modules or a quotation you just copied a few days ago.
You continuously have several documents opened in several programs at the same time and then, you still end up not finding what you were looking for.
This is now a thing of the past thanks to mySnippets. All of your snippets, the files you need, drafts, parts of a text, CSS templates and anything else you still need in order to deliver outstanding results: All of that is now just one single click, one single keystroke away. And everything can be searched and tagged. Coding craftsmen can have syntax coloring whenever they want, too.
Thanks to Quick Look, you have a preview for all documents and you can even easily transfer them later to the program you want with Open Meta tags and by using drag-and-drop.
The best thing about mySnippets lies in its simplicity. You have much better things to do with your time than to be messing around with a non-transparent and an unnecessarily complicated program.
Just switch mySnippets on and get down to work right away. When it comes to intuition, this is as good as it gets. And another nice thing here is that mySnippets only consumes a bare minimum of system resources.
In this way, you have a lot more power and much more time left over for your creative activities.
No, I mean what I am doing with the Mac. No matter whether you are coding, writing on a PhD thesis or a remarkable article that combines some interviews: you type, copy, replace, open a document, you search, you mistype. You delete everything.
You start all over again. And again, you are searching a document, a paragraph, you take a trip to the coffee machine, sorry, you write some line of text, you search again for some text or code from yesterday and then every starts all over again...
All these activities have one thing in common. They are annoying and cost time. A lot of time. Oh, and did I mention that they are annoying?
For these kinds of activities I have two or three applications. Why not building one to rule them all - one that is not an overcrowded all-in-one app with a handle to dump it.



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