Myary 2.0

Diary software with support for several markup languages and export formats.

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Saving your entries
Every single entry will be stored in a separate file and you can freely choose where your entries should be saved to. Myary automatically creates a covenant folder hierarchy where you can find your entries fast, even outside of Myary. Additionally all entries will be saved in the open txt-file-format so you can open your entries in many text-editors. You keep full control over your entries.
Creating multiple diaries
Myary allows you to create multiple diaries, so you can diverse your entries by topics and projects.
Special editor and fullscreen-modes
The editor of Myary offers a lot of features to make writing more efficient and spare you using the mouse, like automatic list-creation (* and - signs) or moving of text-passages with keybourd-shortcuts. Additionally you can set the look of the editor to your preferences: Colors of text and background, font-size and -type, text-margins and more.
Also, Myary offers the well known fullscreen-mode (Lion and Mountain Lion) and a distraction-free mode where you can concentrate on your text wholefully.
What's new in this version:
- Shortcut added for quick selection of diaries (CMD+Shift+L)
- adding the very first attachment to an entry using drag'n drop when attachment-folder doesn't exists yet, improved
- fixed a bug for the distraction-free mode which lead to crashing Myary
- fixed a bug for adding a background-image for the fullscreen-mode
- fixed an issue with displaying attachments under certain circumstances
- attachment-preview for audio- and video-files replaced with a...

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