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Free My Work Schedule - Business Planning is a timekeeper for your daily activities.
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My Work Schedule - Business Planning is a timekeeper for your daily activities. The application is designed to help you plan the tasks you need to accomplish during specific days of the week, so you won't miss important events and activities.

The utility has a very simple interface. It opens with a handy calendar that can be browsed back and forth with ease. All you need to do is pick up the day when to add a new task, rename your task suggestively, tag your task with an emphasizing color if you consider it necessary, and set the work shifts. Optionally, you can ask the program to replicate the same task during the next several days. The tasks support editing, but unfortunately, they can't be deleted. Another unpleasant surprise is the lack of a time selection feature - namely, you can schedule a task to be carried out during the day or overnight, but you can't set a clearly-defined time interval.

With a straightforward planning approach, this application allows you to schedule your activities so you can work more efficiently. The limitations of the free version, which consist of a reduced number of tagging colors and a limited amount of works and shifts, can be removed with upgrading the app, but major drawbacks like the lack of reminders, alarms, and precise time references will remain after the purchase.

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  • Straightforward planning approach
  • Can multiply tasks automatically
  • Can rename tasks
  • Can tag tasks with colors


  • Limited number of tagging colors, works, and shifts
  • Can't set precise time references
  • Lacks reminders and alarms
  • Annoying ads delaying the app's launch



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