My Wallet

My Wallet 1.2

Secure your Credit Cards, ID Cards (Passport, Drivers License), Web Logins.

Have you ever forgotten a password? Or were you in a need of your credit card details while on the go without your wallet? Do you think it's not safe to carry all your private information in your real wallet? Are you using same password for all websites and social networks because it's impossible to remember them all? This is where MyWallet comes handy.
You can store plenty of information in pre-defined templates or simply create your own template if they doesn't fit your needs.
Secure your Credit Cards, ID Cards (Passport, Drivers License), Web Logins (Internet Banking, Social Networks), Software Licenses (Serial Numbers) or any other private information.
All your private information is locked and encrypted using U.S. Government standard encryption (AES256).
Backup your wallet using iTunes.
Personalize the look with different background wallpapers
Now you have to remember only one password (Beware: Your wallet password is not stored anywhere and it cannot be recovered if you forget it).

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