My Country Online

Free A freemium city-building simulator game based on ventures and contracts.
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My Country Online is a freemium city-building simulator game based on contracts. Clicking and waiting are the primary activities players will perform as they start construction projects, collect business and rental profits, and build their settlement into a large and eco-friendly metropolis.

With upgraded buildings, players can choose from up to three business contracts, which vary in length and profitability. These contracts (as well as the automatic rental contracts for housing) deliver in-game money, experience points, and possibly an item at the end of their duration. Items are essential to building new structures because they are required to hire the employees that staff them. There is a different combination of three items for each type of employee, one item of which is often maddeningly difficult to obtain. As always in freemium games, everything has its price in premium currency for the impatient.

The game functions almost the same with or without an Internet connection. The primary difference is that you are unable to "help" other players - for special missions in-game or with friends via Game Center - if you're without connectivity.

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  • Premium in-game currency is not as central as in comparable freemium city-sims
  • Building appearance is customizable


  • Items required for opening buildings can be tedious to acquire
  • Too many restrictions on mobility of buildings
  • Cannot reset game without premium currency



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