MusicTime Deluxe 4.0

It is the easiest way to make music with your computer using your soundcard or MIDI instrument.
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MusicTime Deluxe is the easiest way to make music with your computer using your soundcard or MIDI instrument. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or professional, MusicTime Deluxe gives you the power to create and print music with lyrics, text and guitar chords on up to 16 staves. MusicTime Deluxe will allow anyone to write and arrange music for rock bands, piano and vocals, jazz combos, choirs, marching bands and other small ensembles. Discover for yourself how easy and enjoyable making music on your computer can be!
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New Features

New Score Wizard
Universal Binary and Vista compliant
Over 25 Templates and unlimited user created templates
Help Tooltips for all buttons
Cleaner onscreen display
Extract all parts with automatic naming option
Live dragging of all objects
Preroll click option
Transposed or "C" score option
Beginning measure number offset
Added menu items
Auto Spacing when dragging notes, barlines and systems
Enhanced MIDI playback
Simplified Accidentals option
Full DLS and Soundfont support
More shortcuts
General Features

Produce musical scores quickly and easily with MusicTime Deluxe's clear, intuitive user interface
Notate up to sixteen staves with up to eight instruments per staff
Prints beautiful sheet music on your printer
Enter music with your mouse or from your computer keyboard
Record your performance live using a MIDI keyboard for instant display of notation
Add guitar chord diagrams and chord names to your scores and lead sheets
Transpose and hear your music in any key
Lyric entry formats words with music for up to eight lines
Cross-staff beaming extends beams across staves
Automatic import/export of any standard MIDI file or Master Tracks Pro file
Displays and prints any item(s) in your score

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