MusicRacer 3.0

A rhythm game which creates a custom track based on your song file of choice.
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Music Racer is an experimental game which creates a custom track based on your song file of choice, then allows you to race through it collecting points. These points are strewn throughout the track at points the program has determined correspond to beats in the song, and the challenge is in being in the right lane of the track to collect each one when your futuristic vehicle (think F-Zero X) arrives at them. This becomes challenging and exciting when the program sets fast downhills as the most energetic parts of the song!

There are multiple modes of play: Hold Speed, which slows the music and vehicle speed if you miss a few in a row; Points, which drops the odd antibonus in which distorts your vision temporarily; and Catch All, where grabbing points can only help you and missing them is no big deal. There are also multiple difficulty levels, which change the frequency and spacing of the points across the track. With these customizations, and your audio file of choice, an unlimited number of permutations to gameplay are permitted. At the same time, using the same song in the same mode produces a consistent track, good for high scores if the game were to keep them.

Sam's Protip: If you find tracks that work really well with Music Racer, put them into a specific folder in the Finder. That way you won't have to dig through your iTunes library when you want to find them again in-game.

Sam Lloyd
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  • The perfect blend of customizable and consistent gameplay
  • It's great fun using your favorite songs to create your own gameplay experience


  • Some songs work much better than others
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