MusicBuddy 1.2

This application displays the title of the song being played within iTunes.
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MusicBuddy is a simple Menu Bar application that shows you which track is being played within iTunes or Spotify. Normally you need to switch to iTunes window to check the name of the song you're listening; this program helps you get rid of this tiresome task and displays the artist and song name on your Menu Bar once it starts playing in iTunes.

This program can also be used to control the music being played within iTunes as it comes with integrated track controllers (Play, Pause, Play Previous, and Play Next buttons). In addition, you can also adjust the sound volume according to your needs.

Another good aspect about this application is that it allows you to set the preferred maximum length for the text displayed on the Menu Bar (the length of the artist and song name).

The only thing that didn't work while testing the app was the Reveal iTunes option. Unfortunately, nothing happened when I clicked over the iTunes icon from the program's interface (on the download webpage it says that once you click the button it automatically shows the iTunes window on top of all running apps).

To conclude, MusicBuddy is an easy to handle program that provides you with a simple way to learn which song is being played within iTunes or Spotify. The app doesn't require many CPU resources, lets you change the rating for the tracks, and offers you a simple way to navigate through your iTunes playlists.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Lets you change the rating of the song being played within iTunes
  • You can control the music being played within iTunes app


  • Fails to show iTunes window when it's covered by other running apps
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