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Musicbox is a little app that allows you to download music.
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Musicbox is a little app that allows you to download music. It is not a P2P app that lets you connect to a file sharing service to download the music. Instead, it works more like a video downloader. In other words, you paste or drag a URL with an audio or video player onto Musicbox and it will then download and convert that file so that you can play it on your computer or devices like the iPod touch, iPad or iPod Classic.

Musicbox comes with a plug-in for Safari and a bookmarklet for Firefox, but no love for Google Chrome. The plug-in and bookmarklet allow you to send websites to Musicbox directly, without needing to copy and paste a URL.

I did my testing of this app with Firefox. I went to YouTube and opened a music video and then dragged the URL to Musicbox (this was before I learned about the bookmarklet). The application told me that it couldn't detect audio in that website, but it added the file to the download queue anyway. From there, I started the download and the result was an MP4 file that played great in iTunes. I didn't try any other sites, but if there is a flash player that you can play and stop like you do on YouTube, then it should work.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • Easy to use
  • Support for Firefox and Safari


  • No plug-ins for Google Chrome
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