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Musicbox is a website audio downloader and converter. Given a URL, it attempts to detect audio clips on the page, and provides the user with options to download and convert them. If audio is not detected automatically, it opens a small internal browser window, in which the user must press "Play" on the desired audio clip for Musicbox to identify the file. Conversion from the popular FLV flash format is supported, as it is conversion from "1000′s of music destinations" according to the developer. Conversion to MP3, MP4, and WAV formats are supported, as is conversion for specific iOS devices.

When a link is dragged and dropped into Musicbox from a browser window (copy-paste not supported), or sent in using the Safari extension or general-use bookmarklet, Musicbox gets to work identifying files that may be desired for download. A potential flaw in the two-stage identification process described above is that Musicbox may detect the wrong audio clip(s), in which case the user has no way of identifying the right one in the internal browser. I can also envision issues with dynamic websites whose content is not strictly dependent on the URL. Still, for the average YouTube user, this is a great tool: simple yet customizable. She or he may want to take a look at the free or cheap alternatives before dishing out $15, however.

Sam's Protip: You may be tempted to up the audio conversion quality if Musicbox decides on "Lowest Quality" by default. However, take a look at the original audio specs. In many cases, it has been optimized for Internet streaming, and the bitrate quality is already lower than that in the "Lowest Quality" setting.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Safari extension and bookmarklet integrate download into browsing experience
  • Simple interface with customization options


  • No URL copy-paste option
  • Secure servers (https) not supported
  • A multitude of free alternatives exist
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