Musical Space Invaders 2011

Learn all the major and minor scales, key signatures, harmony even Perfect Pitch.
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Musical Space Invaders was first released in 1997. Since then it has been the premier musical arcade game for learning to read music. I first started developing musical education software in response to the fact that as a music teacher I could not find any music teaching software that met the needs of my students. Almost 15 years later, not much has changed. There are a lot of electronic lesson books and gimmicks but none to my knowledge that exploit the special relationship between computer and midi keyboard to really teach music. The invention of the computer and midi empowers students like never before, to learn to play the piano at an accelerated rate. Students in the past did not have this advantage. If you have found this program you are very lucky. The piano lesson process usually drags on for years because students hate to practice and memorizing scales and keys is monotonous. It doesn't need to be that way anymore because students love to play Musical Space Invaders and in the process they will learn everything else. Musical Space Invaders has been completely modernized for todays computers. The Macintosh and Windows versions work exactly the same. Many new features have been added that will help students learning other instruments like the guitar to get the most out of Musical Space Invaders. If you are a music teacher, this program will be an invaluable tool and will give you a new line of business. The flexibility of this program, makes it ideal for students of all ages and levels. You will never out grow this program nor the skills you will develop by using it.
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The original Musical Space Invaders completely redesigned for today's computers.



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