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Focused on recognizing keys on piano keyboard related to tone names.
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If your think that your kid has knack for music and you don't know if you should buy a piano just yet, you can always let him or her try out Music Keys and see how it goes. This small game promises to offer a fun environment where children can get accustomed with the layout of the piano keys and the notes that the they represent.

Music Keys has a great design which will ensure that the application will achieve its purpose. Its graphics are colorful and entertaining, but simple enough so they don't risk becoming a distraction. The game concept is pretty simple: a random note is being displayed and you have to click the corresponding piano key; if you are right you will go on to the next note and if you are wrong you will be sent back to the main menu.

The training mode is where you can learn the layout of a piano: the game will not only write the corresponding note on each of the keys, but it will also offer visual hints to help you find the one that you are looking for. In the play mode you will enjoy no such benefits and furthermore you will also have to find the right the key before the time runs out.

Music Keys can run in a wide array of different resolutions and even in windowed mode, so you will be able to adapt it to your own style. Furthermore, you can also customize the keyboard buttons that you want to use so that you can get as comfortable as possible when playing.

Although playing the game is very different from playing an actual piano, it is still a good start. Moreover, it is also a great way to keep your kids entertained so Music Keys is an application that is worth having.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The program features a well designed graphical interface
  • Helps you easily memorize the tones by assigning their true color frequency
  • Offers a training mode as well as playing mode


  • Even after mastering the game you can still get lost on an actual piano, as playing on 8 keys is very different than having to deal with 88 (the number of keys on a regular piano)
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