MultiVideo Station

MultiVideo Station 6.1

MultiVideo Station application that was developed as a digital signage solution.
6.1 (See all)

MultiVideo Station is an application that was developed as a digital signage solution, and it offers a programmable interface that is able to create a flow of music/sound/video clips based on time in a macro scale.
Therefore, the user can load multiple folders of multimedia material, and assign them to a specific timeframe in a full day. Settings can be saved and recalled at any time, allowing flexible control for the control of the A/V material. Automations can also be applied, allowing for an autonomous application for display and control.
Moreover, it is possible to add transparent logos or other graphics onto top of the other videos, and also to use keystone and screen functions if a projector is used for a screen.
MultiVideo Station has been used many times in shops, cafes, hotels, and clubs, to advertise products, services, and etc.

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