MultiSpec 2016.2

Analyze Earth satellite image data.
2019.1 (See all)
Purdue University

MultiSpec is a processing system for interactively analyzing Earth observational multispectral image data such as that produced by the Landsat series of Earth satellites and hyperspectral image data from current and future airborne and spaceborne systems such as AVIRIS. The primary objective of MultiSpec is as an aid to export the results of our research into devising good methods for analyzing such hyperspectral image data. It has also found significant use in other applications such as multiband medical imagery and in K-12 and university level educational activities.
What's new in this version:
In response to requests for a version of MultiSpec with fewer menu options for use in K-12 settings, this version has the capability to allow only the menu options for basic capabilities to be available. This version includes an official Apple Developer certificate which "signs" the application as one from a known developer. One should not get warnings about an unknown developer and have to go through the process of moving the downloaded MultiSpec application out of quarantine on the more recent...

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MultiSpec is a processing system for interactively analyzing Earth.