MultiSeeker 1.0

Free Simplify the submitting of search queries to a number of popular search engines on the Web.
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Nick Zitzmann
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MultiSeeker is a Dashboard widget that supports multiple search engines with a focus on privacy. MultiSeeker has a special focus on privacy and security; it will use TLS/SSL to encrypt your queries wherever it is possible to do so, and it will never remember your search queries.
The current version supports securely querying the following search engines: ADC (Apple Developer Connection)* Bing* Duck Duck Go Facebook** Google*** Ixquick Twitter Wikipedia Wiktionary
The following sites are also supported, however, queries will not be submitted securely because these sites do not support TLS/SSL (and have a ! next to their names to indicate they are insecure): AltaVista Ask eBay MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) WolframAlpha Yahoo! YouTube



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