Multiplex 1.1

Multiplex helps you when a movie shows up on your computer.
The product is discontinued by the developer
IndyHall Labs
License type: Shareware

Multiplex helps you when a movie shows up on your computer. With this program no need for file organizing. This program have a full-screen view of your movies in one visual library. Multiplex can do some neat tricks give it a UPC or title to instantly download cover art, synopsis, ratings, release info, cast info and more. Just start typing and Multiplex returns matching movies on-the-fly. Multiplex returns results based on all the movie metadata it can find. If a picture is worth one thousand words, imagine what a video demonstration at 30 frames (pictures) per second has to say. This video walks through the basics of Multiplex, set and metadata management, and other features of Multiplex.

Download link is unavailable since the product is discontinued
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