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Mult Mania 1.43

A great app for kids to learn the multiplication tables while having fun.
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A great app for kids to learn the multiplication tables while having fun. Multiplication Mania was created by a veteran middle school teacher who knows the importance of having students being engaged in a learning activity. Students ride a flying dragon to navigate through hazards while answering multiplication questions. Each multiplication table is incorporated in a unique world with its own hazards and rewards to ensure that students stay engaged while they learn all the multiplication tables.
- 2X - 12X times tables
- 12 different unique worlds
- Players learn each multiplication table while exploring new worlds with unique hazards and rewards.
- As player's multiplication skills improves, rewards are given to give a feeling of accomplishment.
- Players can choose between two different characters and dragons.
- Missed questions are kept tracked so players can focus practicing the missed questions.
- Fun power ups include Fire Breath, Shield, Magnet, Turbo Jet, Growth and Shrink Potions.
- For achieving milestones, special Gems are given which increases the character's special powers
- If need, appropriate hints are provided to support your child as they practice and build their math skills.
- Difficulty of the game can be adjusted to meet the skill level of the learner.
- Contains classical music sound tracks
- Kids tested to be appropriate and fun.

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