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Stock monitoring and alerting app.
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mTicker is a stock monitoring and alerting program. It's purpose is to make sure that you don't miss important trading windows. It helps you monitor your investments and provides real-time alerts when important trading scenarios occur. Enter alert conditions and mTicker will notify you if any of these conditions are met. Seamless integration into OS X Notifications allows you to customize how these alerts are shown.
mTicker utilizes iCloud and synchronizes all symbols and alerts to your iCloud account. This allows you to make changes on one computer and have them automatically reflected in your other computers. Watch your favorite stocks no matter which computer you are using.
With mTicker's support for positions, tagging and filtering, it's easy to setup a group of symbols and monitor real-time value changes. Enter the cost basis and shares held and you'll get daily value changes and total investment highlights with a quick glance at your status bar. mTicker includes multi-currency support for those of you purchasing on more than one exchange.
mTicker supports stocks, equities, funds, ETFs, indexes and many other instruments. Our elegant symbol search allows you to easily find what you are looking for.
What's new in this version:
Added the following frequently requested features to version 1.7:
- All new pullout detail pane. Slide it open from the right side of the panel to view details, charts and news on the selected stock.
- Support for non-dockable window - move it around your desktop freely.
- Added a "Total Return" column to show total return as a percentage. Useful for those stock that you take a "position" in.
- Updated ticker to allow you to choose between showing days return...



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