mt.importer 1.1

Import MathType-formatted equations to mt.editor format for Adobe InDesign or InCopy.
1.1.0 (See all)

mt.importer imports and converts all MathType Equation Format (MTEF) equations to native mt.editor equations for use with Adobe InDesign or InCopy. Eliminates the need to manually re-key imported equations. Reduces costly errors. Saves time, resources, and MONEY!
mt.importer is the perfect front-end for your managed composition workflow with mt.editor 1.0. Based on a project-oriented approach. Easily manage multiple projects at one time. MathTools projects are a collection of user-defined configuration files. Project files define custom style mappings and custom operator spacing attributes. Publishers create, manage and deploy MathTools project files + InDesign packaged template documents Production and vendor personnel load each publisher's assets and achieve expected results out of the box!

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