Mr Word Lite 2.0

A logical word-building game with stylized visuals.
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Combine separate letters to form words contained in the dictionaries of the English language and score points. The game features multiple difficulty levels and provides stylized graphics creating the atmosphere of a high society environment for topical sessions.

*** previous reviews for iOS version ***
Alan ★★★★★
Brilliant game! But watch out you will find yourself spending more time than you should playing it.
Brilliant ★★★★★
Simple, fun and addictive what more can you ask for.
Meritorious! ★★★★★
Absolutely love this much fun & mr word makes a perfect opponent - can't put it down :D
I'm addicted!! ★★★★★
A+..... Great game...... maybe you should have the time in the corner, so you can keep track of the hours lost playing...
Mr Word challenges you to a word game with added personality.
In 1 player mode, you are playing against Mr Word himself. Featuring Genuine People Personality, Mr Word will really give you a run for your money.
Mr Word will match his game to your skill level and choose words that a real human would choose. He will respond to your move in seconds - great for rapid fire play.
If you make Mr Word think for longer than a few seconds, you are doing really well!
Mr Word will even "spellcheck" your words as you lay them, so you know in advance whether the word you are playing is acceptable.
Mr Word is minimalist, highly playable, and beautifully designed so you can rediscover the joy of word games. For the most immersive experience, trying using Mr Word in fullscreen mode.
Also check out the iOS version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
For 2 player mode, adjustable difficulty levels and 140,000 in-built word definitions, download the full version of Mr Word.

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