mpgtx GUI mpeg editor 1.4

MPG splits, joins, demuxes MPG video/audio
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Mpgtx is a mpeg editor. You are able to split mpegs in chunks by count, megabytes or minutes, join chunks to one file or demux a mpeg. Mpeg formats supported include mpeg1, mpeg2, mp2, mp3. Mpgtx GUI is a wrapper around the terminal based application.
mpgtx main page is at
What's new in this version:
Installer for the mpgtx binary now works in os 10.1 and 10.2 (10.0 not tried) Several bugs resulting in timestamp corruption fixed the output was checked against gnu vcdimager for more successfull VCD creation of chunks with mpeg1 and mpeg2 files EyeTV files should split now in playable chunks. option to check the integrity of a mpeg added: -p will dump all offsets of PACK header not at a sector boundary (use pnnnn where nnnn is a number if you want to specify a diff...

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