MP3 Title Fixer

MP3 Title Fixer 1.3

SoundApp tool fixes MP3 files with header title & suffix
1.3 (See all)

Renames MP3 files using the title in the v3 header while adding the ".mp3" extension. Saves a lot of typing. The utilities I use just truncate the file name when it is too long for the MacOS. My personal preference is to use the standard acronym creation policy of removing vowels until the name is short enough. This leaves enough of the full title to make it understandable (in most cases anyway). Also, occassionally when I download a file the name is something like "mp3-download.cgi". If the ID3 tag is set in the mp3 file all I have to do is drop the file on "MP3 Title Fixer" and the name and type are fixed.
What's new in this version:
Creates better shortened names. Reverses the order of vowel removal when shortening a file name. Now starts from the end and works backward. Fixed a bug that prevented processing of folders.

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