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Canon MP Navigator enables you to work with digital photos and images.
Question by Peter
March 14, 2017

I am trying to re-install MP Navigator EX on my Epson WF-2540 scanner/printer but get following message:

Can not start MP Navigator EX. Check following points:

  1. The supported model of this software is as follows. Check your product model is listed: Canon MX 370 Series
    When your product model is not listed, install correspondent MP Navigator or MP Navigator EX.
  2. MP driver/scanner driver which supports your product model is installed.
  3. Connected properly, power is ON, etc.

Never had a Canon MX 370 Series. How do I change the product model to Epson WF-2540 and where do I find the correspondent MP Navigator EX? Where do I find and install MP driver/scanner driver which supports Epson 2540?

Thanks for you help with this.

Answer by Alex Urbach

As far as I know, MP Navigator EX is an application developed exclusively for the Canon devices. In no way it support Epson, which is a competitive brand. Canon would never develop their applications to support other brands unless someone really modifies the entire app to do so.

To download the necessary tools for your device, access the following page:

Question by Guest
January 28, 2014

How do I transfer photos from MP Navigator to iPhoto on my Mac computer?

Answer by Leonard Moore

You can't transfer your pictures directly from MP Navigator into iPhoto application. However, you can load your pictures to iPhoto by using the import feature. To do this, you need to import the folder where you saved your pictures using MP Navigator. If you are not comfortable using this method, you can try to import pictures directly from your camera to iPhoto application. You can find more about this matter on the following support website.

Question by Guest
October 13, 2013
Answer by Leonard Moore

According to the official website of the developer, the latest version of the MP Navigator EX (5.0.2) is compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.8, OS X Leopard v10.5.8 and OS X Tiger v10.4.11. You can download the application from the site mentioned above or you can obtain a download link by visiting the Mac Informer's application page.

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