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MoxierWallet is a handy tool for safe-keeping of your personal information.
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Emtrace Technologies, Inc.

MoxierWallet is a powerful agenda developed by Emtrace Technologies and is used to store valuable information. It provides storing service for passwords, accounts, PIN, and other valuable data and information that is often or seldom used by users. The interface is well polished and is split in three main windows; the left window allows the users to see the type of the information stored, the middle window shows the amount of files stored and the right window shows details about the information stored.

This feature-rich application can be used to store passwords, codes, vault combinations, insurances, flight info, credit cards, e-mails and many other, making it a tool with high applicability. Also, the users are asked to input a master password, which will protect the content from intrusions; the master password should be typed each time the content is being unlocked. Locking the stored info can be done manually, or automatically at predefined amounts of time. Also, if someone miss-types the master password too many times (can be set by users from 0 to 15 times), the content will self-destruct preventing your personal info from being used against you.

All in all, MoxierWallet comes with a secure way to store valuable information and data, from passwords to credit numbers and PINs.

Dave Hattey
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  • Well-polished interface
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