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20 Jun 2013
30 May 2012
22 Apr 2010
Editorial review

What's new

v1.3 [20 Jun 2013]
• Fixed digital audio out.
• Fixed no sound when default equalizer preset is set or equalizer is set while paused.
Followings are change notes of 1.3.0 version.
• Fixed no sleep while paused in FFmpeg decoder.
• Fixed no file icon in title bar when window restored.
• Removed ~/Downloads in Accessible Folders (for App Sandbox Guideline)
• Changed default screenshot path to (none) (for App Sandbox Guideline)
• New app & file icon.
• Added Dock menu.
• Enhanced control-panel auto-hiding.
• Enhanced shortcut searching.
• Supported locale for playlist sorting.
• Fixed sorting when add files to playlist.
• Added context-menu by right-click in control-panel.
• Enhanced seeking by horizontal scroll.
• Fixed Fit-to-Screen in full-screen.
• Supported auto-rotation of movies from iPhone.
• Fixed no sound for some sound tracks.
• Fixed keeping equalizer when sound tracks changed.
• Fixed mute status when sound track off then on.
• Enhanced multi-channel sound downmix.
• Changed default value to off for "Use digital audio out".
• Added subtitle play-speed.
• Added subtitle list in subtitle-tab of control-panel.
• Enhanced handling for subfolders and compressed files for subtitles.
• FFmpeg 1.2.1 applied.
• 64-bit only.
• and more bugs fixed & enhancements.

v1.2 [30 May 2012]
- Chapters supported
- Bookmarks supported
- Playlist Shuffle supported
- Playlist "Repeat One" behavior changed
- Playlist "Skip beginning/ending" supported
- Playlist "Keep current movie settings" supported:AV track selection, play speed, aspect ratio, screen filling, transform, image filters, audio equalizer
- Remember last play position of all movies
- Fixed incorrect detection for video size & PAR of some movies
- Filter load/save supported and apply-order fixed.
- User window size setting added
- Full screen monitor setting added
- Audio Equalizer supported (FFmpeg Only)
- Invalid compressed subtitle file decompressing bug fixed
- Embedded VobSub in .mkv file supported
- Embedded subtitles in .mp4 supported
- 3D subtitle supported
- Embedded subtitle loading enhanced (concurrent loading with playback. FFmpeg Only)
- SAMI without header supported
- Infinite opening bug fixed since 10.7.4 update
- Media key bug fixed
- Monitor black out bug fixed after full screen navigation
- In 10.6, Window black out fixed when Spaces activated
- LCD backlight off when "Black out other screens" is on
- Screenshot image format setting added
- Some default values of Preferences changed
- Control panel UI enhanced
- and more bugs fixed & enhancements.

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