MovieRecorder 4.0

Capture video using a PCIExpress video card.
4.0 (See all)

MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder DV and MovieRecorder Control, provide Apple Macintosh users with powerful and cost effective ingest capabilities as well as multi-station ingest control. Users very often need their media to be "edit-ready" even while the event that is being recorded continues. MovieRecorder allows users to either schedule recordings for later use or edits, to record them interactively and to edit clips while they are being captured, for example using Apple's Final Cut Pro. When used in conjunction with a PCI or PCIExpress video I/O card such as those from AJA or Blackmagic Design, MovieRecorder can capture uncompressed standard definition and high definition video. When used with a PCI videocard, MovieRecorder can be used to capture video live using most common Video Format - Uncompressed SD/HD, DV, DVCProHD, DVCPro, etc. Video clips captured using MovieRecorder can be used in many Macintosh applications.

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