MoviePod 1.22

MoviePod is a video converter that lets you play video files on your iPod video.

MoviePod is a very simple video converter that was designed to let you play your video files on the iPod, released long time ago. The app hasn't been updated since, but it still works very well. The developers created this tool so that it would be easy to use. Thus, it has the conversion settings preconfigured and you can't change them anywhere on the screen. To change the settings, you have to venture into the Preferences window. There are two sides of this design decision. The good thing is that it allows you to set the settings once and apply them to all your files. But if you want to change the settings, you have to lose some time browsing menues.

MoviePod will start converting your files when you drag and drop them or add them to your conversion list. It will put the converted files in the Documents folders, but you can also change this from the Preferences window.

MoviePod uses QuickTime to decode your videos by default. This enables the app to support more formats, but at the cost of speed. If you disable this in the Preferences, you may see increased conversion speeds.

In my testing, I converted an MKV file. It was a minute long and the app took a little over 5 minutes to convert the file. That is quite slow for today's standards. The resulting file looked small, but good. Keep in mind that the original iPod video had a resolution of 320x320.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • Easy to use


  • Not the fastest
  • Not many conversion options
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