Mouse House

Mouse House 2.0

A top-down action puzzle game where collecting cheese opens the exit door.
2.0.2 (See all)
Plaid World Studios LLC

Mouse House is a top-down action puzzle game in which the goal is to collect all pieces of cheese and leave via the exit door. You control a cartoon mouse head with feet that can march around one grid square at a time, pushing obstacles at will and even shooting flaming balls at enemies if it gets its mouth on a chili pepper.

There is no timer and enemies have preprogrammed actions, making it possible to plan out a solution as you progress without much time pressure. At the same time, your speed can be vital to surviving when enemies attack, although you usually won't have a chance to escape.

There's also no pressure to complete specific levels, since all fifty levels are already unlocked. There's not even a mark to show you've completed a level, which may peeve some.

Overall a good challenge, while all levels are still within the realm of comfortable completion by the casual player.

Sam's Protip: In this, as in all puzzle games, the best thing you can do if you're seriously stuck is take a break. The way you solved previous puzzles may be interfering with your ability to solve the current one.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Cute graphics and fitting audio
  • Good puzzles
  • Family-friendly


  • Music starts over with every level restart, making it more repetitive
  • No level preview or completion status when selecting level
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