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Monitorer X 1.5

Keystroke recorder & screen capture tool
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Monitorer is a small utility that records every single keystroke you have written on your computer for the whole day. The recorded data is saved into a small text file, so you can prevent loss of data if your computer crashes or if you delete a long piece of text you just wrote you can just open the text file and copy the lost text.This utility can also be used to monitor the use of your computer, for example if an unauthorized person used your computer and altered any settings or data you can just look at what he typed and change it back. Or maybe you decide to use this application to view what your employees have been doing at work the whole day, monitorer can do all this and more. With the new feature, the screen-capturing, you have more power to monitor because now you can view everything, for example contents of websites like pictures, or graphics in other applications like Photoshop or ImageReady. You even can choose the quality and the datasize of the screenshots (only supported by Monitorer X 1.1). Monitorer runs in the background so you won't notice it is even there until you need it...
Important Note: If you are using an older version of MacOS X ( prior 10.2), please download the following version of Monitorer X:
What's new in this version:
MacOS X 10.3 Panther compatible (In the previous version, the application was visible in Panther's dock. This version fixes this problem.)

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