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With Monies, keep tracking easy of your incomes and expenses.
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Monies is an app that can let you track your finances. I find it very important to know how much money I spend and earn each month. This way I can make accurate plans for the future. Monies is an app that lets you input all your incomes and expenses so that you can track these over time.

Before using the app, you have to create categories for your incomes and expenses. This simply means that you have to name them before-hand. These will become your income and expense types. For example, in my testing of the app, I added 2 income and 2 expense types: Sales and Salary, and Market and Gas, respectively.

The main window shows two calendars. These let you see the events for a time period, by letting you select the start and end dates. You can also click on a date on the second calendar to add an income or expense on that date, even if it is a future one.

You add expenses and incomes by clicking on the "+" button. As you add data to the list, a pie graph will be made and the total values for incomes, expenses and your balance will be calculated at the bottom of the screen.

I found that the app was a bit buggy when it came to calculating. As you can see in my screenshots, I had expenses for $300, and income for $350, and the app thought I had $450 in incomes and $200 in expenses. The balance was also wrong.

José Fernández
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