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MoneyWorks Express provides all the ease of use of MoneyWorks Cashbook plus the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functionality required...
18 Oct 2012
27 Aug 2012
9 Apr 2011

What's new

v6.1 [27 Aug 2012]
-specificTechnical Changes
- File size limit increased from 2GB to 4GB.
- Mac Datacentre server is now 64-bit. This allows it to access more memory (previously database caches were limited to 1GB due to 32 bit address space constraints). Supported architectures are PowerPC 32-bit, x86 32-bit and x86_64 64-bit.
- Minimum system version is 10.5.8.
- Mac Datacentre server now runs with reduced privileges (as user moneyworks_server instead of root). The update installer will migrate existing installations. This change does require that data files be owned by the server user (or at least be staff group writeable). The Datacentre Console will check and update ownership and permissions of the data folder and its contents for you.New features
- REST API (Datacentre)
- Provides an HTTP/HTTPS-accessible application programming interface making integration with other networked systems much easier, as well as platform neutral.
- Includes mobile reporting Web app. Run Datacentre reports from your smartphone.
- Includes mobile invoicing Web app. Enter invoices from your smartphone.
- Add your own web/javascript applications that interact directly with MoneyWorks databases.
- Added printable copies of the dashboard charts to the reports menu.
- GST Report now breaks down by currency (Gold).
- XML importing and exporting (Gold, Datacentre).Other Changes
- Enquiry product code entry fields now more spacious to accommodate long product codes.
- Mac versions now always add file extensions to files you save.
- Mac versions now hide file extensions of filename in window titles and menus.
- Window behaviour on very small screens on Windows (e.g. 800x600 netbook screens) is now greatly improved. Although note that the official system requirements call for a 1024x768 minimum screen size.
- Cashbook now asks to replace a report of the same name when installing by double-clicking.
- Navigator now updates GST status after running a GST report.
- CLI doreport now takes size param to specify font size.
- XML exporting now preserves whitespace as CDATA.
- Evened up margins of Balance Sheet report, and improved behaviour of Currency popup when there are no currencies.
- We no longer query the Windows address book for auto-filling email addresses (Windows address book dll(s) just too unreliable).
- Prompt Payment Discounts now applied to invoices generated from sales orders.
- Open/close period command now persistently redisplays message about single user requirement for the benefit of people who ignore the initial one.
- Name.Hold field is now available in Replace/Advanced Replace.
- Save a Clone As now clears budgets.
- Import data string via AppleEvent had an 80,000 character limit on the string. This limit has been removed (actually changed to a megabyte).
- Tweaked NZ GST Guide: The Mode menu has been replaced by a "Show Documentation" check box, which if checked displays the documentation on the first page and the actual report thereafter. So you will always get a result regardless of the Documentation setting (a source of some confusion).
- Report writing and calculations.
- New intrinsic functions CreateSelection() and IntersectSelection() plus new For Each loop variant in report writer that iterates over the result of these functions.
- Functions that take a search expression as text now have access to the enclosing scope's identifiers when the expression is evaluated.
- Val() function. Takes a text string containing an expression. Returns the result of the expression. This provides a way of deferring the evaluation of expensive calculations on either side of an If function.
- Import() function now returns the sequence number of the last record imported (for tables where this is supported). -1 is returned if the import failed. Note that using this function to import into tables other than USER is very strongly discouraged.
- Report writer Find Ledger part: A relational search expression may now include variable identifiers from the report.
- Intrinsic functions that take a search expression parameter now have access to identifiers from the enclosing scope
- Cashflow report setup dialog box now makes it clear that All banks mode operates only on base currency bank accounts.
- Duplicate Product now keeps Manufacture and AutoBuild settings.
- Sales order process to cash sale now captures payment method/details.
- Datacentre-specific
- Opening a new period with very large chart of accounts is now much faster on Datacentre due to being executed entirely on the server.
- Serverside reports now use the locale of the user who installs the software (Mac).
- Console UI now responds to arrow keys.
- Console seems to leave zombies of chmod and dcproxy.
- Fixed Console control visibility when deathenticating (Mac).
- Datacentre console now only runs a single instance, since it makes no sense to ever run a second instance (Windows).
- Console warns against using mapped network drive letters in paths, since these are not accessible to server (Windows).
- Console now verifies that Gold installation matches server version (Mac).
- Log rotation. Several logs are now kept in rotation.Bug Fixes
- Critical: Prevent posting of transactions that are open elsewhere for modification (it has been possible to open the same transaction twice).
- Budget editor better handles pasting data containing blank cells.
- Fix deletion of validation lists (could unexpectedly delete all validations lists).
- Fix sorting by Ledger.Concat field in report writer for-loops.
- Navigator Show Item List now shows all, not just inventoried items.
- Cosmetic fix to list sidebar resize drag area on windows.
- Budget editor Distribute command properly refreshes selected cell on Windows.
- Email via SMTP can now handle contact names containing ampersands (Mac).
- Fixed loss of precision when importing/exporting product unit conversion factor.
- Fixed problem with restoring backups of files with long file names.
- Notes shown for a transaction now close when clicking Next.
- Highlighting newly added record now works more reliably when keyboard focus option for lists is enabled.
- Transaction note window now closes when Next button is pressed.
- Receive Stock Before Invoice no longer allows negative quantities to be received into inventory.
- Receive Stock Before Invoice now uses average unit price instead of value on purchase order for stock creation jnl.
- Negative purchase of stock now use correct costs if an item appears twice with negative quantities.
- Session recovery no longer fails for a tax rate change in a newly created file.
- Custom report/form drill down to another report now determines types for custom report parameters.
- Job sheet item created for a job prepayment (via an invoice) now matches the sign of the quantity to the amount.
- Product entry custom validation glitch with revalidating fixed.
- Product update-importing no longer allows control accounts to be cleared.
- Command line client now recognises colour names when importing.
- Budget Editor: Pasting data from spreadsheet with empty cells now treats empty cells as if they were 0.
- Improved unused reference number reuse when closing transaction window using window close control.
- Importing Transactions with Create Jobs option. Job code is now sanitised.
- Payments History now behaves better when transactions have been purged.
- Fixed a running balance glitch with negative balances in the Balance History from Date statement.
- Various fixes to transaction reference number allocating.
- Validation List Items: Can be entered as 15 characters, but only 14 characters are ever displayed.
- Next with post option was skipping posting.
- After emailing a PDF, Save as PDF no longer gratuitously emails as well.
- Parsing of 4 digit numbers for dates (ddmm or mmdd) is again supported on Mac.
- Prevent negative unit conversion factor for products.
- Order Prompt Payment Discounts now respect discountable flag in accounts when creating invoices.
- Typo fix in Prompt payment Discount prefs.
- Fixed privilege for Accept Deposit on Sales Order.
- Purchase Order: Backorder qty is now populated by default.
- Purchase Order Rounding: OrderTotal sometimes disagreed with total.
- Reports menu was sometimes not enabling in subsequent instances when multilaunching (Mac).
- GST report: Fix date format to prevent truncation of dates.
- Export no longer gratuitously populates mailing/delivery addresses for transactions.
- Fixed crash with copying of records in validation lists.
- Fixed a CLI crash when -r parameter was too long.
- Trial Balance: Print Movements is now correct for forex accounts.
- Fixed a potential crash when cancelling out of Work-In-Progress choices when Job costing being activated.
- Bad relational search error now flows back to report interpreter and result in an error alert.
- Product Importing: calculated cost price now respects currency of buy price.
- Address book import now handles large numbers of groups (Mac).
- Cashbook: Fixed missing resource error when opening file from Gold/Express.
- Product Images: don't allow uploading of pdf product images on windows.
- Plain emailing through system client. Subject no longer overrides message.
- Validation: now displays custom message when reapplying custom validation after a record i modified.
- Fixed a "client illegally extended selection lock" error.
- Fixed an issue whereby sorting by calculated column could fail for calculations involving nested strings.
- Cosmetic fix to the Duplicate Multiple dialog box.
- Fixed typo in Trades sample chart of accounts.
- Creditor Invoice writeoff was not reliably rejecting *-rated writeoff accounts.
- Fixed crash when deleting account with 7 character code.
- MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre 6.0.9r5.
- 24 January 2012.
- Receive stock before invoice was not converting units/currency properly for cost price.
- MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre 6.0..9r2.
- 10 January 2012.
- Fixed issue introduced by 6.0.9 that prevented accounts from being departmentalised.
- Fixed spurious error on posting from command line tool.

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