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05 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2015
10 Oct 2015
5 Feb 2015
Editorial review
30 May 2012
Editorial review
30 Jul 2014
9 Mar 2011

What's new

* Added detailed check number popup settings, accessible by selecting Edit List from the popup list. This includes a per-account editable list of entries as well as the option to include recent entries from either the same account or all accounts.
* Added Security Price History report
* Added progress indicators and status descriptions to all non-instantaneous import processes, and made long-running imports cancelable
* Performance improvements of long imports
* When importing QIF files from the file chooser, double-clicking a file, or using drag-and-drop, use the currently selected account as the default import destination if the account type is even remotely compatible with the file
* Fix default destination account selection for QIF files with "liability" accounts
* Improved handling of quoted fields in tab/comma/etc delimited text file imports
* Updated report viewer with improved auto-sized column and report widths
* Updated Brazilian-Portuguese translations (thanks Heitor Moreira da Silva!)
* Remove amount sign override for downloaded transactions marked as 'payment' in credit card accounts
* Improve embedded browser compatibility with some banking sites
* Now uses new method for calculating cost and gain for average cost securities, taking stock splits into account
* Tweaks to custom https/TLS used for online banking connections
* Switch most cost and gain reports and graphs for Average Cost securities to use the new calculation method
* Improved report printing clarity, column sizing, and spacing
* Improved text colour contrast in merge-transaction confirmation panel
* Improved register scroll position behaviour, including making it dependent upon the sort order
* When importing downloaded accounts or transactions, the account matching window now has the option to skip subsequent confirmation windows after selecting the destination account
* Improved color theme editor, with more descriptive labels for each color
* Differentiate document file icons from the app icon
* Improved encoding of commas and large numeric values in tab-delimited report exports (and copying to clipboard)
* Date changes on mobile transactions will apply to both normal and tax dates
* Fixed recording of loan account reminders to avoid possible extra zero-amount split when there is no escrow amount
* Fixed printing of account and category lists
* Added intermediate thawte CA certificate for internally-managed connections to Voya
* Hide the overdue section on summary screen if there are no overdue reminders
* Allow automatic category guessing to use transfer accounts as categories if the similarity threshold is high enough
* In cost calculations account for the possibility that a non-zero number of shares adjusted for splits could be zero
* No longer include inactive accounts in the batch-change-account account selector
* Increase buffer size when exporting a backup/archive to significantly speed up shutdown
* Ignore invalid security/currency prices/rates when importing from a QIF file rather than abort the import
* More fully reset sync parameters in old files when loading a file from an archive/backup
* Fix bug when importing Quicken Essentials for Mac files that contained blank category names
* Fix bug in which VAT/GST was applied to reminder transactions even when the checkbox was unselected
* Improved window layout and highlight colors for selected files in the Welcome Window
* Graph/report date range and grouping options now include fiscal years and quarters
* Fixed bug in which undo actions in the python/moneybot window didn't apply to text edits
* Workaround Magic Mouse issue which made selecting accounts from popups or displaying the date picker very difficult
* Remove extraneous historical prices from the base currency upon loading
* Fixed long-standing bug which prevented mouse cursor feedback to show when register columns are resizeable
* Transaction register bug fixes and tweaks

- Runs in a protective sandbox on OS X 10.7 and 10.8.
- Internalized data storage to allow for upcoming improvements.
- Built in Dropbox syncing with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app.
- Increased level of data file encryption.
- Improvements to lots of minor UI issues such as window sizes, column widths, etc.
- Improvements to behind-the-scenes online banking functions.

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