Mobile I/O

Mobile I/O 5.4

Driver & software for the mobile audio processor.
5.4.01 (See all)

This installer package contains the Universal driver for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and newer on both PowerPC and Intel. It only contains the driver installer package. All other components remain unchanged; you should download the "Mobile I/O MIO+DSP v2.2 Update" as well if you need the current version of MIO Console or the firmware.
Please note that the initial release of Mac OS X for Intel (10.4.4) had a bug in Firewire that will cause a kernel panic if you run MIO Console with a Mobile I/O attached. This bug was fixed in OS 10.4.5 for Intel, so you will need to update to 10.4.5 on Intel-based machines if you want to run MIO Console.
What's new in this version:
This release is compatible with PPC and Intel machines and requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or newer. It includes all previous features, enhancements and bug fixes and adds numerous usability enhancements and fixes for potential issues. In addition, it adds support for IR Remote Control on ULN-8 and LIO-8 hardware, in-console registration and software licensing, and +DSP and Transient Controller demos. This version also fixes a bug with saving boot-states.

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