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Midtown Madness was much more than a great success.
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Midtown Madness 2 Central

Midtown Madness 2 Central launched in July 2000 with the goal to give the community the best coverage on Midtown Madness 2.Midtown Madness was much more than a great success. Even before Driver was released MM offered gamers high speed racing through the streets of a realistic city. Midtown Madness 2 offers more of the same, but now only better and more thrilling. Carmageddon was the first game where gamers were not limited by invisble walls. Unfortunaly the cities in Carmageddon 1 looked a little sad. Nobody cared because you were to busy with splatting pedestrians. Midtown Madness was the first game who gave us a good looking Chicago and drove through it with 160 km/h.The madcap driving and racing excitement continues later this fall with Midtown Madness 2, developer Angel Studios choosed to use London and San Francisco as their victims. Eich city has been featured in other racing title but never with this much detail. Gamers who live in one of the two cities will see the detail on the landsmarks and the cities. San Franciso is great for jumping and looks very good too. The highway does have rounded exits, it will take you approximately 2,5 minutes with the Audi TT to drive from to the other side. And London is big fun, the crowd and the small streets makes it complete.

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