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MixTape takes the music you give it (drag/drop from iTunes or the finder)...
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MixTape takes the music you give it (drag/drop from iTunes or the finder), adds detected tempo and beats, and places it on a timeline'd workspace so your tracks now "snap to grid" along their beats and play in sync. Precisely in sync.
Created mixes can be "one click" published to the Internet to be shared with friends or sent straight back to iTunes to be played on your mac, iPod or iPhone.
This isn't a traditional DJ application, but you *can* play live with the added advantage of being able to prepare and audition your mixes ahead of when they are played.
Finally, we have a series of video tutorials - a mere ten minutes covers the basics.
Pro users features:
- Fully "live" UI: The entire workspace is as a giant piece of magnetic tape and whatever passes under the playhead gets played - beats, envelopes, whatever. Pro also calculates (and displays) the spectral signature of your tunes - making it easy to visualise beats, phrases and the infamous "quiet bit" that needs just something to go with it.
- Dual live stream capability: When I made MixTape, I made it for me - and I made it so I could play some tunes, cue up what's next and have it be simple enough that I could do it while chilling out with friends. It's done. It's there. It's fun.
- Multi-Threaded import: On the library side multi-threaded import gives a 70% speedup when importing on dual core machines (more on quads and eights). And custom keywords mean you can tag your tunes by style, mood, tracks you've prepared for a particular event - whatever, really.
- Serious hosting allowance: Ten times the hosting space than you get with the "Lite" version.

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