Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land 1.0

Enjoy a story about destiny and about people chosen by the stars to meet.
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Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land lets you enjoy a story about being lonely, about destiny, about people chosen by the stars to meet, seeing each other at last. It is a story about being strong and ready to self-sacrifice, about forgiveness and, of course, about twists and turns of time.

Mirt is a small town, lost somewhere in the northern valleys. Everything is frozen here, even time itself. A newcomer will have difficulties getting used to the snow in the middle of summer, the strange natives, each of whom knows something, though never tells.

Anton is an ordinary student. Not having enough money, he decides to go to Mirt for the summer. The beginning of his stay is relaxing but fairly uneventful: easy but well-paid work, a small room, and new friends. But soon the Mirt's past begins to show itself and Anton has to become a detective for a while to figure out what's going on.

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