Miro 6.0

Miro is an open source video playback utility for Mac.

Miro is an open-source application for Mac that gives you access to a wide range of features. You can use this program for video and music playback, to watch online clips directly from your desktop, convert your favorite films to various formats, and much more.

The thing about this utility is that it's very simple to handle and comes with integrated tools that are easy to configure, even by average computer users. On the left side of the screen you will find all the features you need, have access to Amazon music store, various podcasts, etc.

Another important advantage is that you can import files from your local directories and convert them to formats which are compatible with your iPad, Android mobile phone, PSP, and many others. The output quality is excellent.

You can also use this application to watch online clips from various video sharing websites, fetch films, and find new music.

If this information is not enough to convince you that this program is worth a shot, I don't know what is. Plus, you'll never have to pay to use this application on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy to handle
  • Provides you with many useful features
  • Allows you to create playlists
  • Free


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